Our History

In 2015 Michel Grupper starts in Priorat the global wine project to which he gives the name Clos Pachem, an acronym of the names of his children: PAul, CHarles and EMma. A winery focused on its people, the history of Priorat and a philosophy of sustainable farming, which allows the creation of subtile and elegant wines that create experiences and accompany unique moments.

The vision of this project is to make the Priorat and its wonders known, supporting the wine tourism activity, and to sublimate it, integrating in its landscape a winery with a sustainable and respectful architecture of this territory. Our winery serves the Priorat, not the opposite.

Built with natural, simple and durable materials, the building is perfectly integrated into the historic center of Gratallops, inviting visitors to get to know the winery through an interior passage, designed as a public space and welcome area.

The winery is accessible, welcoming and open to all those who want to discover or rediscover the Priorat and its many facets.

In short, Clos Pachem is a global project that aims to create thrilling experiences and to produce wines that accompany unique moments so that you will fall in love with the Priorat just like Michel Grupper does.


The immense motivation and common values behind the team in Clos Pachem creates a multi-disciplinary and versatile environment while ensuring the welfare of the people and our natural resources.

Michel Grupper


Josep Riba Comaposada

Head of Enology & Viticulture

Gemma Morató

Sales Director & Sommelier

Janina Saumell Serra

Jordi Rovira

Mohammed Baadoudi

Michael Grupper


Founder and active manager of Clos Pachem.

Born in France to a Swiss mother and French father.
His father, passionate about wine, guided and shared his passion with him.

Although Michel trained as a surgeon (he is currently leading a medical foundation to help children in third world countries). For over 20 years he has participated in different wine fair associations, and as a founding member of an“urban cellar” (Les Vignerons Parisiens) combining work and passion.

10 years ago chance brought Michel to the Priorat. He was amazed by the scenery and by the people of this wine terrain.
Clos Pachem is the result of these experiences and a never ending passion.

Situated in the old quarters of Gratallops, it encompasses sustainability through its architecture, the scenery and its people.

Josep Riba Comaposada

Head of Enology & Viticulture

Pep manages our vineyards and produces our wine.

He originates from Santa Coloma de Queralt, with a dilated experience in civil engineering, his life completely changed during a trip to Australia where he was introduced to viticulture, an experience which inspired him and changed his life ambitions.

On his return home, he decides to study wine making in the Rovira i Virgili university of Tarragona.

During the past 7 years, he has had the opportunity of working in the Napa Valley (California), the Penedés, Gredos and currently in the Priorat.

Gemma Morató

Sales Director & Sommelier

I grew up in the Penedes region surrounded by vineyards and a vibrant wine culture. Although the landscape and culture influenced me from an early age I went to university and graduated with a Spanish Language degree, then went on to become a teacher and then and had the opportunity to qualify as ISO9001 Quality Manager.

In my spare time I enjoyed visiting wineries, tasting a wide variety of wines and getting to know the winemakers. I realised I’d love to work in the wine sector and what better place to implement a quality strategy than a winery! This was a great experience as I had to be immersed in all aspects of winemaking, and, which later, motivated me to study International Trade and become a qualified Sommelier and worked in wineries in the Penedès and surroundings.

To follow your passion is the most enriching experience, especially working in a dream place like Priorat, and particularly this incredible winery and share these wines with the world.

Janina Saumell Serra

I grow up in a family of vinegrowers and winemakers in Rodonyà, Alt Camp, Catalunya. I have always been surrounded by vineyards and wines and I do not understand my life without them.

I studied Finance and Administration and then trained as a Sommelier. The experience after years allowed me to work in different aspects of a small winery as administrative documents, technical and commercial. It is essential discover and grow in a sector that is constantly reinventing itself.

For me it is an opportunity to be part of Clos Pachem and continue learning about the magical Priorat surrounded by great wines and the best people.

Jordi Rovira

Born in Cambrils in 1999 and with his grandfather’s lands with Muscat and Grenache grapes that link him to the past, Jordi decided to start a career in oenology at the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona graduating as an oenologist in year 2021.

After finishing his degree, he worked at different wineries in the Priorat area and established his residence in Cornudella del Montsant.

His love for the Priorat, nature, wine and his region make him a person motivated by his work and defender of Catalan wines and culture, with a great desire to learn, contribute his vision and represent this region all over the world.

Mohammed Baadoudi

Born in Nador in 1972, he dedicates his life to agriculture in Morocco. Years later, he decides to embark on a trip to the Iberian Peninsula to work in different places in southern Spain and thus be able to support his family.

He obtained the residence permit in 2019 working in greenhouses in Almería and later moved to the Priorat area to work as a viticulturist.

He works temporarily in different wineries in the land until in 2021 he joins the Clos Pachem team to carry out the different tasks of our vineyards.

Tireless worker and good apprentice, hoping one day to fulfill the dream of reuniting his entire family again.

Paco Rubio

National / Events

Born in Usagre (Badajoz), he trained in Hospitality and Tourism at the Cambrils Hospitality School (Tarragona). Later he completed his training working in different hotel establishments in France, England and Switzerland, returning to Barcelona to work at the Hotel Arts, where he was appointed Hotel Sommelier.

Later, the birth of his daughters, made him change his course and direct his professional career to the commercial world, always linked to wine.

Different work experiences in different aspects of wine marketing led him to land in the heart of Priorat.

Pau Peyri Pellicer

Viticulture & Wine Maker

Originally from Porrera, descendant of local viticulturists and with over 16 years experience in the wine sector.

After 7 years working in local cellars, Pau decided to move forward by starting an Enology degree in in the Rovira i Virgili university of Tarragona.

After completing his degree, he went to Oporto, in Portugal, where he experienced a totally new wine world, completely different to that of the Priorat.

After his experience in Portugal, he decided to return to Catalonia, stopping first in the Penedes and then returning to his home in the Priorat.


Send the reservation request or contact us directly at winetourism@clospachem.com or at  (+34) 621 690 521


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